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Our mission is to find for you the Cool Stuff to buy on Amazon.

In our basement there are gnomes who mine the ore. This ore we stokers generator which powers our computers. 24/7. A huge crowd of sweaty gnomes. Can you imagine? In a small basement. Awesome and unbelievable.
All this they do to ensure that from million tons of shit we dug up for you a diamond.
Depending on what color is that shit diamond – we’ll put it in the appropriate category.

Home goods

If it’s awesome things for the house (decorations or useful things, or even fucking slippers) – their place is in the category HOME GOODS.

But in HOME GOODS there is an exception – the category of the KITCHEN STUFF. It was created especially for our favorite housewives. Well, not all the time to please us – a brutal man’s.

CLOTHES – this is for chicks. Or maybe not. Or not only for chicks. Clothes are the clothes. For all. And for children and for chicks and hairy Harley motorcycle enthusiasts.

Trends and Geek stuff

In the category of TRENDS are collected the most trendy things. ZOMBIE / BACON – every undead, demons, various guides and manual like “How not to die” or “How to survive in a zombie apocalypse“. As it should be – in terms of BEER / WINE is (not guess – there’s no booze) different tool & devices for people who love to thump: molds for ice in the form of skulls, and bottle openers in the form of electric guitar and much other cool stuff.

Since GEEK is clear. Even I will not write anything about the geeky people and their things.

Survival gear and tools

DO NOT go into the category SURVIVAL GEAR. It is for Bear Grylls only. In any case do not open this fucking category. This is very dangerous: there are all sorts of survival grenade, sharp blades, survival axes and other dangerous crap – you can get hurt. There are rumors that there is even a beer for survival. Yap. I do not remember exactly where, but you can leave your email, if I find it – I will send you.


Have a nice life,

Cool Stuff


I almost forgot.

If in your basement also leave gnomes, and you found a very large piece of shit diamond too – give us a link and we’ll publish it.

But remember – this stuff must be a really cool things to buy on Amazon.