Harry Potter Slytherin Hoodie

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Printed and designed in the USA


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Product Description

Slytherin Hoodie


Slytherin Hoodie is said to fit well with your body, depending upon which size you choose. Hoodies of this sort are usually available in small, medium, large, extra-large and XXL sizes. You need to measure your body size from above the waistline before selecting the right size. They are designed for all seasons, but more suitable for winter and cooler seasons. The chances of using them for protection against rain are slim, as they may not be waterproof. But they do have features to protect you from chilly winds.


Basic Features

  • The first aspect you need to analyze about these types of sweatshirts is their breast size. If the size is about a couple of inches more than your actual breast size, you will have plenty of breathing space. Fortunately, these types come in an extra-sized breast so that you can be relaxed.
  • The cuffs are essential for allowing free movement of your hands. If they are too loosely knitted, you may need to roll the sleeves up. If they are too tight, you may not be able to wear the jacket at all. Most of the jacket cuffs of this type are made with double knitting. The design ensures that the ribs fit into your hands perfectly.
  • Waistline straddle is another important feature you need to consider in these types of sweatshirts. Harry Potter Hoodie are knitted to fit in comfortably with your waistline. You will be able to experience the ease when you try to tuck the waistline to just above the jeans you are wearing. Even if the total length were to be a little bit extra, it neatly covers your entire hip region without making you feel uncomfortable.

How it is made

The Slytherin sweater is machine made alright! But certain added features are incorporated through automated designing. Earlier these features were added though handheld embroidery machines and knitting machines. Today the same characteristics are incorporated into software aided embroidery and knitting machines.

  • The large sized pockets look neatly in alignment with the front side printing on the jacket. There is enough room for it to fit in a Christmas cake for two (and a wine bottle too!)
  • The screen printing done on the jacket’s front portion is made from finest of fabric printing ink. It is indelible in nature and lasts for the lifetime.


Slytherin Hoodie made for all ages and body sizes

Weaving the Magic of Harry Potter Legend, as the jacket is available in different sizes, you will find it a perfect fit for your body no matter what your age is, or your body size is. It is said that people over 6 feet tall need a particular set of clothes designed for them, not so with these designer jackets. If you belong to this class, you can find the extra-large sized one’s best fit for you. They may not form a loose fitting around your shoulders, chest, and waistlines, but they do give you the level of comfort your body wishes.


Most of the Slytherin sweaters of this type are available in a lovely range of colors and sizes. You can become acquainted with them by clicking “learn more” button.



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