Air Hogs Axis 200

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  • Weight: 8.3 ounces
  • Dimensions: 6.7 x 4.4 x 1.8 inches
  • Recommended age: 8 – 13 years
  • Batteries: 6 AA batteries required (included)

Contents of delivery:

  • 1 Air Hogs Axis 200 indoor R/C helicopter
  • 1 Controller/Charger with charging cable and storage
  • 2 Spare Tail Rotors
  • 1 Rotor Removal Tool
  • 4 AA Batteries
  • 1 User Instruction Guide


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Product Description

Air Hogs Axis 200


Joy of Remote Controlled Flight at home with Air Hogs Axis 200. This helicopter gives you the joy of remote controlled flight at home. If your kid is eight years old, she can play with this gaming helicopter with ease. It not only makes your child’s free time entertaining, but she will also be able to learn the basics of remotely controlling a flying object. It is enabled by some of the design, architectural and functional features of this chopper.

Design Features

  • One of the issues you might find with the remote controlled choppers is the fall over during landing time. Even take off can be quite difficult at times. The design of this flying device is based on a fly-bar. It is attached to the key rotor-system. The mounting is made vertically concerning the flying blades. As the pace of the helicopter varies, it rapidly changes the cyclic-pitch and balances the flying. The effect of wind and turbulence is reduced to a great extent in this process. Your child will be able to get better control while playing.
  • The length of the blades and their shape has been designed to match with the response speed of cyclic motion of the rotor. The blades are lightweight in nature since they are made of light aluminum or carbon-fiber. In spite of being lighter, the carbon-fiber is stronger. Even if there is an accidental crash while landing, it remains unbreakable.
  • The tail boom of the Air Hogs Axis 200 chopper is designed to give optimum alignment while flying and turning. It acts to balance the torque effects and straighten the movement of the flying device.

Architectural Features

  • The construction frames in the gaming chopper make it efficient while flying and landing. The assembly of components onto this frame has been achieved according to the standards. It ensures total control over the flying object.
  • Placement of batteries plays a significant role in the speed and efficiency of flying. It is also necessary for controlling the vertical and horizontal motion of the copter. The architects have taken care to place the batteries at a point where pressure center and center of gravity meet. This helps in getting optimum balance.

Battery Power and Life

The alkaline batteries used have many features which make them have a long life and supply optimum power to the autogiro.

  • They are optimal for low power consuming devices like the remote controlled autogiros. They give optimum output and preserve power during operation. This prevents power being wasted.
  • Air Hogs Axis 200 can work at varying temperatures without getting frozen or melted. If you take precautionary measures like turning off the switch when not in use and frequent cleaning of the battery casing, the cells can be expected to have a longer life.


The Remote Controlled copter is highly functional in nature. If you can follow the basic guidelines of usage, you can expect long life and efficient functioning without too many hassles. You also need to pay attention to the simple maintenance tips.



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    For that amount – it is unreal cool helicopter!

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