Dragon Ball Z Shift Knob

Dragon Ball Z Shift Knob

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  • Diameter:  53mm
  • Shaft sizes: M1 x1.25, M8x1.25M, M10x1.50, M12x1.25
  • Sensation: Fits great on hand.
  • Material: durable acrylic


  • Dragonball z Shift Knob
  • High Quality Stainless Steel Adapters
  • Lock nuts

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Product Description

Dragon Ball Z Shift Knob – Great looking accessory for the automobile gear

This stuff looks more like a colored crystal ball in appearance – this is the Dragon Ball Z Shift Knob. The threads in the knob are designed to fit into your car gear handle. The design standards make it possible for you to fit it into any of your car models with ease. In some cases you may have to fit in the slot nut into the gear handle before threading the gear stick in. It is lighter in weight compared to the original, but it looks lot more attractive for sure. Some of the features of this gear accessory are listed here.

Attractive Appearance and practical shape

When a choice is given you between choosing a simple device and a colorful one, your obvious choice will be the second one. Natural reason is that it will be interesting to use Dragon Ball Z Shift Knob. The same reason applies to this speed changing apparatus accessory also.
• The Acrylic material used reflects the absorbed light in multiple intensities. This gives a brighter outlook to the ball.
• The ball size is designed to fit into your palm comfortably. You won’t feel any stress while changing gears during rush hours.
• It has been designed for manual-transmission speed changing apparatus. It makes shifting of gear from neutral and back easy.

Acrylic Material Properties

• The Acrylic material is shock proof. It is said to protect you from the damp-shock-impulses which may get transmitted through the device due to losing wiring connections.
• It has high resistance to scratches. This property helps in making it last longer.
• It has high resistance to withstand stress. The volume of stress on the speed changing apparatus could be quite high when you are driving towards elevated regions. The material is supposed to withstand such stress.
• Dragon Ball Z Shift Knob has high resistance to corrosion. It can withstand all weather conditions without getting corrosive in nature.

Operational Parameters

• Getting a grip onto the speed changing device will be easier now. It is primarily due to the spherical shape of the Dragon Ball Z Shift Knob.
• Stripping is a major issue with this type of devices. When you are using a plastic based accessory, it may get stripped upon constant usage in the long run. The strength of the acrylic material along with the steel threading ensures maximum anti-stripping.


If you are driving an automated transmission vehicle, this product may not be functionally feasible to use. In some other vehicles you may need to use slot nuts and other types of adapters in order to fit it in.


The accessory is highly attractive in appearance and practical in usage. In spite of being light it the weight it has long lasting characteristics due to the acrylic raw material which has been used for making. Care needs to be taken while tightening the device onto the speed changing device and over tightening needs to be avoided. This will prevent the accessory from getting jammed.



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  1. 5 out of 5


    If I was a truck driver, I would have such balls 🙂

  2. 5 out of 5


    Awesome stuff!

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