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Ice Chest Radio

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Product Description

Ice Chest Radio – the Best Cooler with Speakers!

The coolest solution for keeping drinks chilled and the music on for those outdoor trips and parties, a cooler with speakers is here – Ice Chest Radio. In 21st century everything is being reinvented with a wireless edition starting from the cell phones to laptops (which has made wiring totally redundant), it’s time to welcome Bluetooth speakers with cooling facilities, which has transformed the experience of listening to music to a completely new level. It’s not that expensive and never fails to impress with the appealing looks. Bluetooth speakers undoubtedly have made lives way easier and more comfortable with a degree of sophistication too.

Why opt for the Ice Chest Radio?

  • The portable cooler with speakers do not come with much wiring unlike what’s found in ordinary speakers.
  • With the portable Bluetooth speakers, sharing music with friends and family becomes smooth.
  • This accessory is highly energy efficient. The power requirement is quite low despite its rich quality of sound.
  • Yet another small advantage that comes with the stereo cooler is that there’s no need for installation. There isn’t a requirement for installation or configuration thereby bringing in further convenience.

These portable Bluetooth speakers with cooling facility can come handy because they’re operated via battery and one may connect speakers with the Bluetooth to enjoy music with friends; sounds like a good idea for those beach parties?

Designed with a long, telescoping handle facilitates transport and the extra-large side handles helps as bottle openers

The Ice Chest Radio remains one of those coolest devices that possess a variety of features, and has already taken the internet by storm with its compact and well-designed interior and off-road wheels.

Why a Cooler with Speakers is super cool and a must have:

These Cooler with Speakers has stereo system are better specifically when on a trip. Coolers get an upper hand since cooling conditions here are ideal for any type of beer as well as for other drinks. The stability, temperature, exclusiveness, humidity control, etc has placed it above both refrigerator and wine cellars. Moving further, a stereo cooler is quite inexpensive when compared to a refrigerator or even a wine cellar. It comes with a double benefit and in fact triple as it lets you pack other items over its head while travelling. Not only are these coolers inexpensive, they boast the special low cost maintenance plan. Since it’s, essentially a simple mechanism of functioning, it doesn’t require the parts those make a hole in the pocket. Moving along with the continuous trends of trying to keep the world green, the Ice Chest Radio is also eco-friendly thus no exception.


There aren’t any dangerous emissions or use of any dangerous chemicals within its cooling process. This isn’t just a great benefit for all those who prefer to take the beer along for business ventures, but for those who might desire to carry bottles of beer to the social gatherings. Modifying any stereo cooler for multitude of purposes is possible. Of course, it’d require buying more equipments in order to let the processes work, yet compared to purchasing all the new products for each purpose, using a super cool cooler like this one for such purposes shows the cost-efficient nature.



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