Jeep Hammock Jammock 2.0

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  • Item Dimensions: 1.5 x 11 x 13 inches
  • Size: 47L x 24W (inches)
  • Shipping Weight: 1.61 pounds
  • Item Display Weight: 1.75 pounds
  • Weight Supported: 350 pounds
  • Display Maximum Weight Recommendation: 350

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Product Description

Jeep Hammock

Video review of Jammock 2.0 Joy of resting on your favorite car

Jeep Hammock is a flexible piece of “bed” made from a combination Cordura-Nylon, black-nylon and other weight and water resistant elements. An average sized hammock of size 1.5” X 11” x 13” can withstand a weight of around 350 pounds, provided the car frame on which you tie the strings are stable enough. Installation is very straightforward and fast. All you need to do is fasten the four strong strings of the cradle to their individual ends and start using it. Washing and maintenance of are also easy tasks as experienced by all the users who own them.



Outdoor camping made simple

The Jeep Hammock makes your travel comfortable and enjoyable. During peak summer and monsoons also, you can use it to get protection from heat, humidity, and rain. If you happen to drive for long distances during hot summer days, you certainly experience the terrible heat and sunlight you get exposed to this little piece of hanging bed can save you from having to go through tough weather conditions.

  • Some of the hanging beds are thick enough to absorb great deals of heat into them. Sometimes these beds are also available with storage facilities! You will be able to carry simple equipment’s concerned with your camping along with you.
  • The device also acts as a jammer of fast blowing winds. Their usage will be especially felt when you are driving against the flow of wind.
  • Once you reach your camping spot, you just have to spread a cool umbrella on the rooftop and get into the comfortable and cozy hanging bed. In fact, you and your girl can sit on it and play rock and roll music also!

Qualitative Analysis

The process of making the vehicle cradle needs to be effective to strengthen the material. This thing is mostly made from the fabrication of multiple layers of Cordura and black nylon. Hot and cold treatments, to which the fabric is subject, make it harder, long-lasting, and flexible and stress withstanding in nature. The rolling bedding is then put to several testing procedures though some of the toughest quality analysis tests. Finally, the material is tested for practical usage by the heaviest duo and certified for quality.

Functional Testing

You could put the rolling bed to its ultimate test during your mountainside camping period. You can fasten the Jeep Hammock to the vehicle front, the middle or back end. Make sure that the belts/ threads are safely secured to the sides / top holders of the car. Now you can simply climb up the hammock and rest peacefully with your girl for the whole night. The other way in which you can put this to ultimate test is by having it fastened between two trees!


This is one of the most popular tools used by hikers, campers, mountaineers and other adventure sports persons. You can use them for your weekend family outings also. You can hope to spend some romantic moments with your beloved “on the deck”.



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