TOP 20 gifts for the man who has everything and wants nothing

The most important thing that you must understand: the man, who has everything, does not have one thing – time. That you can afford to entertain, throughout the day at various sites in search of some cool stuff. For them, it is a luxury. Do You catch the idea? Time is a luxury.

On the other hand, despite his busy schedule, people still find time watching their favorite movies, TV shows, books, etc. Even the president has his favorite series. Now combine these two ideas and you will get an answer to the question what to give the man who has everything.

Giving even absolutely an inexpensive beautiful thing, knowing that this man has warm feelings for the subject, you will definitely cause him, at least, a smile. And if this thing is also useful in the house – it will be every time you use it, remember you. These associations will be the warmest since you gave the person the most expensive of which he does not have – time.

All you have to do – is to learn from mutual friends or relatives, about his tastes in modern trends. We made for you a collection of the most popular trends. I wish to spend time.


For fans of Star Wars


R2-D2 Ceramic Mug with Metal Hinge

R2-D2 Ceramic Mug – for connoisseurs of tea

In addition, to keeping warm of hot tea, this mug may well become one of the most popular household items.



Light Up Lightsaber Chopsticks

Light Up Lightsaber Chopsticks – for sushi lovers

You will agree – this is a cool utensil. They are in no way inferior to the wooden functionality, but it’s nice to feel like a Jedi.



Star Wars Darth Vader Ceramic Mug

Darth Vader Ceramic Mug – for connoisseurs of Coffee

You can’t pass by, a person’s desire to take the dark. Accentuate the surroundings well and good coffee, for a party of chess playing for the black.



Tie Fighter Kite

Tie Fighter Kite – for active people

I am sure that all the kids will be jealous of his son, whom his father would run along the beach or the park, with its own personal Galaxy Ship in the style space war.



Yarn Handmade Baby Yoda hat

Yarn Handmade Baby Yoda hat – for the little ones

I would have long laughed if I see the already sweet child, in the guise an all-knowing and powerful master Yoda.


For connoisseurs Game of Thrones


Game Of Thrones Replica Statue

Game of Thrones Replica Statue – for imaginary kings themselves

It is very easy to go into a meditative trance, looking at the details of the sculpture.



Monopoly - Game Of Thrones

Monopoly – Game Of Thrones – for smart Kings

The most interesting are in the details. The Very well-designed version will involve the world of the game of thrones. By the way out of this world is not so easy to get out.



Inside Game of Thrones - Collector’s Edition

Inside Game of Thrones – Collector’s Edition – for those who like to read

This is not just a collection of books. It is an encyclopedia, with sketches, maps, concepts and so on. An invaluable gift for a connoisseur of this trend.



For fans of Doctor Who – TARDIS


TARDIS Short Dress

TARDIS Short Dress – for slim ladies

Very cool dress. It can amuse not only the owner but of all those around her. While there may be some particular cases, it would be better to wear this dress tête-à-tête with a loved one, if you understand what I mean. By the way, the girl is not included 🙂



TARDIS Waste Basket

TARDIS Waste Basket – for Neat

The trash can, the ability to move in space and time, things that you do not need any more.



Doctor Who TARDIS Ice Cube Tray

Doctor Who TARDIS Ice Cube Tray – whiskey lovers

With the help of favorite beverage, time travel and space can be accelerated and strengthened. That is to say longer and far away. The main thing is not to move in time immemorial.



Doctor Who Ice Bucket And Ice Tray Set

Doctor Who Ice Bucket And Ice Tray Set – in addition

In conjunction with the previous set, you get a great set that will not only produce but also store the ice for a long time. Naturally during the long time travels.



Monopoly - Doctor Who

Monopoly – Doctor Who – all clear

Adapt to this trend, all well-known game, allow loved ones to find a joint exercise, if they suddenly get bored.


For Minecraft lovers


Minecraft Pickaxe Bottle Opener

Minecraft Pickaxe Bottle Opener – to beer

Well, I’m about alcohol? It’s time to finish. Although if it is hot outside, the sacred – to laugh with friends openers, drinking your favorite beer.



16GB Minecraft Diamond Sword USB Flash Drive

16GB Minecraft Diamond Sword USB Flash Drive – for moving data

Cute USB flash drive is suitable for most domestic purposes, or for the storage of personal information. Hardly appreciate it on the table, during the discussion of alienation of property venture fund.



Lego Minecraft

Lego Minecraft – for thought

You should not consider that it is easy child’s amusement. Many of my decisions I make playing with my child in that.



Minecraft Diamond Earrings

Minecraft Diamond Earrings – stylish

In life, there are so many situations where it is not necessary to wear diamonds. This is a way out for stylish and self-confident people.


For fans of Assassins Creed


Assassin’s Creed Hoodies
Assassin’s Creed Hoodies – for the killers

So what? Anything can happen in life. Any friends exist. Why would not the killer? 🙂


For connoisseurs of Steampunk


Ssteampunk Radio Tube USB Flash Drive
Steampunk Radio Tube USB Flash Drive – for geeks

The amazing flash drive is not only for lovers of steampunk. The old lamp device likes for the musicians. In good amplifiers used those tube lamps, for clean sound.




I hope I have amply revealed the theme “Gifts for the man who has everything and wants nothing”. Anyway, I tried. Do not be lazy and tell your friends about it. Successful celebrations to you!